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Ruby's Lookout

On top of the beautiful Spruce Pine mountain, our wedding pavilion is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the state of Alabama. 


Lodging &
Wedding party

When booking a wedding, we offer full use of the main lodge (including all bedrooms), Complete use of Tim's barn, Underwood Cabin, Gobbler's Shack and The Hargett Place Cabins. Wedding packages include your stay the night before and night after wedding.


The Coyote den

After the ceremony, we hold our wedding receptions in the basement of the main lodge. The "Coyote Den" has a very spacious seating area with a full kitchen and bar area. 

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The basement leads out to our widespread front yard that is perfect for a dance floor, band/DJ, and more seating.

Photography by Keelan Walker & Ashton Willis.

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