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What is Willow Oak?


Funny story. So we live in rural area of Alabama, along a highway of mostly undeveloped forests with occasional houses and businesses. Everyone here knows each other, and usually most of their family and where they live and work. When we started building the lodge, the entrance and the website were the two first things completed. Suddenly, my phone started ringing. Most of the calls early on went something like this: "Is this Willow Oak?"

(Me) "Yes it is. How can I help you?"

(Caller) "Well. What is it? I mean, what do ya'll do?"

(Or sometimes) "Is this an amusement park? Do you have waterslides?"

We are now about 4 years into this venture, and it's even harder to answer that question quickly. We've added so many amenities and adventures, it's hard to explain in a few short sentences. So I got to thinking, maybe everyone still doesn't know what all we offer.

We started out as a hunting lodge, and have made so many friends along the way as we've watched them take their trophy bucks of a lifetime. We've expanded on that, and now have the capabilities to manage and hunt thousands of acres of free range property locally. This has made the experience of hunting whitetail as well as turkeys, even better for our clients.

With the expansion of our lake, we have individual anglers, as well as corporate clients take advantage of catching a largemouth or smallmouth bass while they visit. We reserve the lake on a daily basis, with clients also enjoying our lodging and atmosphere.

One of my favorite things about watching this business grow, has been seeing how past clients return again and again, many times bringing their whole family or a group of friends with them when they return. We are honored to be a property that people want to share with their kids and loved ones.

Once we added quail and pheasant hunting, we unknowingly added a couple of family members. If you follow us on social media, you know that Bo and Willow are our 4-legged kids who also work and hunt on the property. (They have their own Instagram account, if you'd like to follow: @b0_and_willow). The upland bird hunting has been an incredible addition. We have so much fun, and it's meaningful to me, as this is something my granddad enjoyed very much.

We have been incredibly honored to have been chosen as a wedding venue for some of the beautiful couples of north Alabama and beyond. When you choose Willow Oak as your venue, you get the property for the weekend, with all lodging included. So it's the perfect place for a destination wedding that includes your family and friends. It's also convenient for local couples who want to have their wedding party or family stay on-site. The view from Ruby's Pavilion is breathtaking and we love watching our sweet couples start their lives at Willow Oak.

Finally, one of the things that keeps us the busiest year-round is our corporate meetings and events. Companies enjoy holding meetings, summits, and events on the property because everyone can stay, meet, eat, and be entertained all in one place. We offer skeet shooting, wildlife tours, massages, and fishing as excursions for clients to enjoy.

Whether you visit to hunt, fish, attend an event or wedding, or just book a weekend getaway with your spouse or family, we would love to have you join us at Willow Oak. It really is a special place.

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Willow Oak Lodge provided us with an intermission from life’s everyday demands. We met new friends, witnessed nature’s unadulterated scenery and wildlife, dined on the best food, sat by the bonfire and listened to great live music and relaxed! If this sounds appealing to you, make some reservations with Tim and Kim Horton. You will not regret it. Looking forward to our next visit!!


I hope that next visit is soon! Thank you so much!



We stayed at Willow oak last June, while my son and partner competed in the high-school national championship on Pickwick. The property was gorgeous! We loved seeing the Deer driving in and out of Willow Oak. The Cabin we stayed in was perfect in every aspect. I can't find the words for the main lodge! Wow just wow! Tim and Kim were awesome!


Thank you so much for the kind words. We would love to have you visit again!

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